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It's World Vegan Day! 5 Reasons to Go Vegan Today

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Whether you're choosing to eat less meat, are just beginning your vegan journey, or are just curious about what a plant-based diet entails, here are five good reasons to go vegan today.

A sign reading 'Go Vegan' in pink spray paint.

For the planet.

Did you know that following a plant-based diet has been found to create 75% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to those of meat eaters? In addition to reducing your individual emissions footprint on the planet, did you know that following a plant-based diet uses far fewer resources like land and water too? Research has shown that even the 'lowest impact meat'—organic pork—is responsible for eight times more climate damage than the highest-impact plant, oilseed.

To see how much land, water, grain, animal lives, and CO2 emissions you save by switching to a plant-based diet, check out this calculator here!

A breakfast table coloured with colourful drinks, and yogurt with blueberries.

For your health.

Not only is consuming more fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes scientifically proven to reduce your risks of developing chronic diseases, but also can improve everything from your gastrointestinal tract, cholesterol, blood pressure, eyesight, skin, hair, and so much more! Learn seven additional health benefits of eating vegan here.

P.S. Vegan food can be 'fun' too! We love nutrient-packed fruits and veggies, just as much as a good vegan burger—often made from beans or pea-protein—with cheese (made from coconut!) There are plenty of options out there, so don't be afraid to try something new. And yes, we promise you'll get all of your nutrients and protein.

Like, how amazing does this breakfast spread look?

A cow sticking his nose to the camera.

For the animals.

Similarly, they, like most mammals, feel intense emotions and form familial bonds as well as friendships—just like us! The unspeakable cruelty animals, especially livestock, face at the hands of humans is not only unjust, but is also completely unnecessary!

By eating a plant-based diet, one person can spare the lives of over 100 animals per year!

Not to mention, just look how dang cute they are!

A woman and man biting into a loaded hot dog at a festival

For your wallet.

One common misconception is that going vegan is expensive. A study by Oxford University however concluded that the vegan diet is actually the most affordable diet today! With the ongoing cost of living crisis, rising bills, and stagnant wages, being conscious about how much you spend on weekly groceries is understandably at the forefront of everyone's minds.

The best way to maximise your money at the grocery store, as well as to ensure you're ticking off all the major food groups is to shop for seasonal produce, purchase beans, pulses, legumes, and wholegrain pasta dried, tinned, or in bulk, and maybe choose one 'fancy' item per week, like a vegan meat or cheese substitute!

For all of us.

The future of our planet relies on us to repair the mistakes of those who came before us, and fight against those who continue to willingly sacrifice humanity, wildlife, and our physical environment for the sake of profit and personal gain.

Going plant-based, especially if you live in the Global North, will help lessen our collective impact on the planet, whose changing of climate is already disproportionately impacting those who have done the least to cause it. This all of our home. There is no Planet B.

People silhouetted jumping in the air with the sun behind

Reason to go vegan

Everyone's experience, needs, and lives are different, but if trying a plant-based diet is accessible or of interest to you, we highly recommend giving it a go. The two of us have been living vegan for a combined 14 years, and we'll never look back.

Questions, comments, or need help on getting started? Feel free to send us a message below or in our DMs on Instagram.


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