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One of the most common misconceptions about conscious travel is that you need to sacrifice comfort, luxury, or basic amenities to ensure that your holiday has a minimal impact on the planet--but this couldn't be further from the truth! From the jungles of Costa Rica, to a luxury houseboat made of upcycled cardboard in the Netherlands, we've had the incredible opportunities to stay in some of the world's most beautiful, truly eco hotels, whose sustainability credentials only enhance the overall experience.

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Nestled in the Austrian Alps at over 1800m, MoaAlm is a relaxingly active retreat, perfect for (almost!) all ages, and offers incredible summer and winter adventures for its guests. Created by the wonderful team behind WearActive Croatia, groups of guests at MoaAlm are encouraged to reconnect with nature by becoming independent adventurers by learning new skillsets as a group. 

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  • Water is heated throughout the house via electricity from on-site solar panels

  • The renovated building has exceptional insulation, allowing central heating (powered by waste wood chips) to be minimally needed, and preventing wasted energy

  • No meat is served, with dinner typically comprising of a three-course, plant-based menu

  • Water is supplied via a natural spring on the mountainside, and is filtered on-site

  • MoaAlm's garden grows herbs and greens during the summer, and sources produce locally year-round, as well as only purchasing breads made in the village.

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First opened to the public in 2020, but initially designed as a garden shed for his mother, Cabin ANNA founder Caspar Schols is creating dynamic homes and stays that allow you to live in nature. Designed for occupants to easily shift the layers of the house based on season, mood, and preference, Cabin ANNA offers true off-grid integration with nature, without compromising comfort.

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  • The cabin is entirely off-grid, relying on rooftop solar panels for electricity and hot water.

  • Tap water is sourced in small quantities from the surrounding Biesbosch wetlands, and is filtered for use in the shower and in washing dishes. 
  • All provided paper products and toiletries are nature-friendly, and allow for easy breakdown in the cabin's personal septic tank.
  • Despite the park having excellent 5G throughout, the cabin itself does not have Wifi, which is perfect for truly switching off, unplugging, and relaxing.
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Cabin Anna
Manon Les Suites



In the heart of Copenhagen lies the urban jungle of Manon Les Suites, a Bali-inspired oasis where sustainability is at the forefront of hospitality. A five-star hotel, guests of Manon Les Suites can enjoy all the amenities of a luxury hotel, while also being shown just how easy it can be to have a smaller environmental impact when traveling.

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  • Granted the coveted Golden Ø by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture for ensuring that over 90% of all food served in the hotel is organic. All Guldsmeden Hotels also source as much produce as possible locally.

  • All toiletries and supplied products in rooms are single-use plastic-free and Ecocert certified.

  • Plant-based options are available at breakfast upon request, as well as through room service.

  • Supports DIF get2sport, a charity providing economically-disadvantaged kids the opportunity to get involved with sports.

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