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One of the most common misconceptions about conscious travel is that you need to sacrifice comfort, luxury, or basic amenities to ensure that your holiday has a minimal impact on the planet--but this couldn't be further from the truth! From the jungles of Costa Rica, to a luxury houseboat made of upcycled cardboard in the Netherlands, we've had the incredible opportunities to stay in some of the world's most beautiful, truly eco hotels, whose sustainability credentials only enhance the overall experience.

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In the heart of Copenhagen lies the urban jungle of Manon Les Suites, a Bali-inspired oasis where sustainability is at the forefront of hospitality. A five-star hotel, guests of Manon Les Suites can enjoy all the amenities of a luxury hotel, while also being shown just how easy it can be to have a smaller environmental impact when traveling.

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  • Granted the coveted Golden Ø by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture for ensuring that over 90% of all food served in the hotel is organic. All Guldsmeden Hotels also source as much produce as possible locally.

  • All toiletries and supplied products in rooms are single-use plastic-free and Ecocert certified.

  • Plant-based options are available at breakfast upon request, as well as through room service.

  • Supports DIF get2sport, a charity providing economically-disadvantaged kids the opportunity to get involved with sports.

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Manon Les Suites



Situated on the Austrian-Italian border, La Vimea is Italy's first 100% vegan hotel, serving up delicious plant-based meals for guests and locals alike, as well as offering unmatched amenities, treatments, and experiences in nature. Our only warning: you may never want to leave.

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  • La Vimea's 'biotique' promise requires that everything in the hotel be vegan, organic, sustainable, seasonal, and handmade

  • Dinner involves a five-course vegan menu, made using only the finest and often locally sourced products, with gardens that provide herbs, spices, and edible flowers for dishes

  • Offers experiences like forest-bathing or shinrinyoku to reconnect with nature, heal the body, and practice being present

  • No expensive wines or liquors are served at the bar, instead, natural herbal infusions and locally sourced wines are offered to minimise impact, and maximise health

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La Vimea

Ecocirer Healthy StaY


Ecocirer Healthy Stay is haven of relaxation, nourishment, and reconnection with slow living. Located in the heart of Sóller's old town, owners Barbara and Martin have created an oasis for those looking to unplug, stroll the cobblestone streets in the sun, and marvel at the surrounding Tramuntana Mountains.

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  • 100% upcycled and secondhand furniture, with local art by Francesca Martí

  • Fully vegetarian-vegan breakfasts, prepared with local ingredients

  • No single-use plastic available on-site, all toiletries are refillable, homemade products

  • 100% cotton bed linens and towels, with changes done every three days to conserve energy and water use, unless otherwise requested

  • Partners with local businesses for spa treatments, yoga classes, bike rental and more

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