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Our mission

We film green projects that inspire action!
We are passionate about sustainable design, conscious travel, plant-based living, ethical fashion, green tech, and wildlife conservation, and we're on a mission to inspire you to get involved in creating a greener future by highlighting the incredible individuals and innovations actively working toward this goal.

With a background in architecture, design, and media, we aim to visually leverage our passions and expertise into highlighting the projects that are revolutionising the future.
Our Mission

Our storY

EST. 2020

Ben Brown and Ciara Doyle are the co-founders of Going Green Media, a planet-first, solution-oriented media brand filming green projects around the world that inspire action. 

Growing up, Ben and Ciara observed a lack of optimistic, solution-based media in the world, covering the people and organisations combatting real, yet solvable, issues, and bettering their communities, as well as the planet.

With the prevalence of digital media driving climate conversations today, Going Green Media has developed a unique style of storytelling, engaging with millions of individuals monthly online. Over the last three years of operation, Ben and Ciara themselves have visited over 200 projects, continue to work with some of the planet’s most influential brands and organisations, and empower the people devoting their lives to bettering our planet to share their stories of hope for the future. Their work has been featured in Forbes, Euronews, Travel + Leisure, and VegNews among others.

Our Story


Our Team
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Ben (he/him)
Co-Founder & Creative Director

With a background in studying Architecture at Loughborough University, Ben combined his learned creative design skills with his deep passion for storytelling and videography to found Going Green Media in 2019. Documenting sustainable innovations and projects in countries including Spain, Singapore, the UK, Denmark, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and many more, Going Green aims to expand its reach and continue visiting other projects around the world in the years to come.

Ciara (she/her)
Co-Founder & Head of Content

Born and raised in Florida, Ciara's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication Media & Society, and a Master of Arts certificate in Global Strategic Communication, both from the University of Florida. Her passions for sustainability, a decade of plant-based living, videography, and editorial led her to join the Going Green Media team in 2020, with previous work experience including editorial, entertainment television, and digital media.


Megan (she/her)
Community Manager

With a background building her own freelance business as a social media manager and content writer, Megan's biggest passion is environmentalism and sustainability, working solely with eco-friendly businesses or those she really believes wants to make a difference to our planet. Megan's role within Going Green works to expand our incredible community of like-minded individuals, and to reach those who are looking to to learn more and get involved wherever they may be in the world.

Kieran (he/him)
Editor & Videographer

After studying Film at Falmouth University, Kieran's creative passions have led him to pursue filmmaking and scriptwriting for educational animations.  With an equally strong passion for environmentalism, he joined Going Green Media in 2021, assisting with filming green projects and editing videos that promote eco-conscious living.


Christina (she/her)

With a passion for sustainability and plant-based living, Christina started by blogging delicious vegan recipes at Kind Gourmet. Using her photography and graphic design skills, she then began creating content for vegan restaurants and food trucks in her native Dallas, Texas! Other past projects included managing a local social media agency and V MARKET, a sustainable, all-local vegan market she ran in Dallas for 4 years. She now lives in Oregon honing her incredible videography skills, and being a vital part of the Going Green team.



We acknowledge that alongside the impact of our existence on this planet, our job as filmmakers and content creators often requires us to travel further and more frequently than the average person.


We have been vegan for a collective 14 years, we do not own a car, and we use bicycles, walking, and public transport as our main modes of transportation on a daily basis. For work trips that do require travel abroad, we always opt for train travel where possible. 


We are also extremely selective in the jobs we choose to take overseas that require air travel, and ensure that our travel to these places is done for the sake of telling critical stories that are sharing solutions that we believe are having an immense, positive impact on our world. We often turn down jobs too that require us to travel a great distance for only a short time, and are strongly opposed to greenwashing of any kind. You can read more about this below.

We hope that through scientific and technological development, air travel can be made less harmful to the planet very soon; however, in the meantime, as we must sometimes use air travel for our business, we have ensured that we are a climate positive workforce, as certified over the last few years by Ecologi.

Since 2021, we have helped fund global reforestation projects, peatland restoration projects, carbon capture systems, renewable energy generation, and clean community projects across the globe.

Our Impact
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