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Discover This 4-Day Mallorca Eco-Adventure Itinerary

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

From solar-powered yachting, to family-owned ethical hideaways, this jewel of the Mediterranean offers so much more than first meets the eye, and houses a rich history and culture that will leave you adventuring for more!

Renowned for its immense beauty and captivating landscape, Mallorca offers stunning beaches, vast limestone mountains, distinctive architecture, and so much more. The Balearic island is a veritable paradise for those who love to travel, offering something for every kind of explorer. While we were here, we discovered a rich history and culture among endless natural beauty — with plenty of places that provided greener options for the eco-conscious traveller!

large cathedral facade pointing to sky

We started our journey in Palma, Mallorca’s gorgeous capital city. Here you’ll find cobblestone streets, stunning cathedrals, and plenty of vegan-friendly cafes. With rich history and endless sunshine, Palma serves as an incredible place to start your adventures through Mallorca.

Our first stop had to be Calixto Restaurant, where arguably the best paella in the region can be found. An aromatic rice dish originating from Valencia, paella has truly been perfected by Calixto, using only fresh and local ingredients. Be prepared to wait, as the paella is made to order — but it’s so worth it!

man and woman at restaurant table outdoors eating paella
Ciara's Mom and Ben at Calixto

Palma is also the island’s shopping hub, with endless small boutiques and global brands alike. Next to Calixto, we found Suite 13 LAB, a boutique that offers sustainable clothing and accessories for both men and women by ethical brands from all over the world. They also have their own in-house brand, ensuring that all materials are recycled, organically grown, or responsibly sourced.

It was amazing to have a conscious spot to shop in after lunch, but we were still craving something sweet! So we stopped by a local ice cream shop to get a scoop before heading to do some sightseeing at the Catedral de Mallorca, one of the tallest cathedrals in all of Europe. Standing at 44 metres or 145 feet tall, it’s hard to miss, and is packed full of incredible history, from Gaudi’s Restoration, to the centuries-old artefacts displayed within its walls.

woman walking in front of old stone wall
Ecocirer Healthy Stay in Sóller

Thirty minutes from Palma and through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, we revisited our home away from home, Ecocirer Healthy Stay in the little town of Sóller. An intimate, family-owned boutique hotel situated within a historic building from the 1900s, Ecocirer has now been fully restored with a guiding focus on sustainability. Guests are welcome to explore the courtyard, take a dip in the refreshing pool, or check out the sun deck during their stay, and there’s even a bike storage area for those who love cycling in the surrounding mountains in the off-season.

table of colourful breakfast food and juice

This was our second time visiting Ecocirer, and we were overjoyed to see how owners Barbara and Martin were doing! At breakfast, their sweet Retriever, Mango, met up with us for some snuggle times and belly rubs. We then feasted on some of Barbara’s amazing dishes, like a fresh cinnamon bun made without any refined sugar, and black charcoal toast with avocado and drizzled with cashew cream. The next day we were served a luscious yoghourt with berry compote and homemade granola, followed by silky tomatoes and olive oil on fresh seed bread. For the days we stayed here, we were happy to be full of fresh and healthy food.

To try delicious, wholesome food like this, you don’t need to wait to visit Mallorca, and can instead taste the Mallorcan spirit through Barbara’s latest cookbook, Breakfast Included, out now!

Silent Yachts

Mallorca is an island typically associated with vibrant, all-night parties, and luxury yachts dotting the coastline. One company, based near Palma, is disrupting the multi-billion-dollar yachting industry, to offer completely solar-powered luxury yachts!

solar-powered luxury yacht
Image Courtesy of Silent Yachts

Silent Yachts have spent the last 14 years developing yachts that are powered by solar energy, and are available in a range of models and sizes. The interiors are furnished using vegan textiles, lightweight and recycled countertops, and tree-less flooring materials that look like wood, without requiring the cutting down of trees and transport of timber. These luxury vessels are available for both purchase and charter, and are a great way to explore the surrounding seas while on the island.

woman in blue dress standing under purple flowers

On day three, we adventured across the island to the town of Santanyí, where on Wednesdays and Saturdays an EPIC street market takes place! From 9am to 2pm year-round, Santanyí’s market weaves throughout the entire town, selling local produce, crafts, furniture, decor, clothing, gifts, jewellery, traditional breads and pastries, and so much more. This is the best place to shop small and support local artisans!

While wandering around, we discovered the Grá Irish Gastropub, a fully vegan spot serving an eclectic mix of Irish beer, and popular foods with a Mallorcan twist. We ordered the quesadillas and Thai noodle salad and they were delicious after a full day of shopping and exploring!

For dessert, stop in any local café and ask where you can get a Granizado de Almendra! Totally plant-based, made using only almonds, almond milk, icing sugar, and ice, this is the perfect treat to cool you down on a hot day!

very old caves underground
The "Dragon Caves" were formed between 5-11 MILLION years ago!
Cuevas del Drac

Heading north along the coast, we visited the town of Porto Cristo, to tour the Cuevas del Drac, or the Dragon Caves. Estimated to have been formed between 5 and 11 million years ago, these stunning caves are undoubtedly one of Mallorca’s top attractions, as they extend for almost 1,200 metres in length and extend 25 metres below ground level. Home to one of the world’s largest lakes, Lake Martel, the tour includes a boat ride across the lake with a live classical music concert.

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience! Sitting in a cave deep beneath the earth surrounded by million-year-old stalagmites and lights listening to classical music was just magical, and we highly recommended it!

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back beach getaway, an active hiking or diving trip, or something in-between, the beautiful island of Mallorca is a destination that truly delivers it all! Amazing scenery, delicious food, wonderful people, and rich cultures and heritages make each area and town special in their own ways. With plenty to do and a growing eco-tourism sector, there’s no shortage of planet-friendly ways to get around and make plenty of discoveries off the beaten path.

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